In Russia found violations in public procurement in the hundreds of billions rubles


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Miridonov / Kommersant

Audit chamber revealed violations in public procurement and fulfilment of state contracts for hundreds of billions of rubles in 2019. It follows from the analysis of the office, which went to “the”.

Last year recorded a total of 839 violations 236,6 billion (7.7 percent more than in 2018). More than half have on the planning stages of the procurement and performance of contracts, the most associated with corruption.

The Russian public procurement system is not effective enough and do not fully contribute to the economic growth of the state, the auditors stated. They estimate that public procurement plays a significant role in the Russian economy and directly affect its growth rate. In 2019, the volume of contracts concluded as the result of government and corporate procurement amounted to 31.6 trillion rubles, or almost 29 percent of GDP.

However, the system continues to be characterized by a predominance of non-competitive procurement methods (about 70 percent). According to the accounting chamber, in 2014 the level of competition in public procurement has remained at around three bids per lot. Procedure every year is less confidence on the part of suppliers. The chamber stated that, in practice, to establish an effective system of regulating the entire life cycle of procurement in Russia has not yet succeeded.

The reasons were the frequent changes of legislation (in 2019, the law on public procurement changed eight times), and that the efforts of the state aimed at improving the procedure of procurement and not on the achievement of results and ensuring proper quality of goods, works and services.

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