Lukashenko ordered not to babysit those who mistreat security forces Belarusians


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Sergei grits / AP

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko ordered to immediately stop the attempts of attacks on law enforcement officers. It is reported BelTA.

He said that he had seen footage of one of the street actions in Minsk, where the Belarusians attacked the police and some security forces beat feet.

“That’s what you need to avoid. Guys need to understand that they are in my house and no one is allowed to kick their feet. In any case on provocation not to go, but not to offend you guys. And we will soon doprygat, we babied in kindergarten,” — said Lukashenko, referring to the commander of the OMON Dmitry Balaba.

On 24 July, Lukashenka said that the authorities would not want to resort to the use of military units during possible protests in the country, “but anything can be.” He promised that the soldiers of the parts in Maryina Gorka and the capital Uruchcha will not allow escalation in the country.

In Belarus on 9 August presidential election. Lukashenko believes that the opposition wants to organize a revolution. He complained of foreign interference in the election campaign by “foreign puppeteers”. The President warned that the country could lose part of its territory and return to the borders of 1921.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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