Microsoft acknowledged a critical error Windows


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Microsoft promised to fix a critical security bug of the new versions of Windows. This publication reports ZDNet, citing a report of the company.

The American Corporation has confirmed that know about associated with the the actual versions of the operating system issues. Microsoft acknowledged the error and stated that its corrective patches will be available in the next OS update. Before its release, the company’s specialists have recommended users to restart the system when prompted error messages.

According to journalists, a security issue with the Windows 10 drew the attention of the users of the operating system. The owners of licensed copies of the OS complained that they received errors when trying to run the application “sandbox” (Sandbox Windows) and “Windows Defender” (Windows Defender). The problem faced by the users of Windows 10 versions of the 1903, 1909 and 2004.

Experts stressed that “sandbox” is required to secure potentially dangerous software without causing damage to the system. The program is popular among IT professionals.

Informed sources said that Microsoft will change the update on their operating system. The company plans to release global patches for Windows 10X spring for Windows 10 in autumn. This will optimize the efforts of specialists of the Corporation and to strengthen control over the correction of errors in the system.

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