Named best baby puree


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Specialists Roskoshestvo checked the puree of cauliflower and called it the best. This is stated in the study, which is at the disposal of edition”.ru”.

Experts checked products the top 15 brands, by 12 they have had no complaints. “In laboratory studies, experts have found copper, cadmium, mercury and heavy metals, and as you know, vegetables have the ability to accumulate heavy metals,” the study says. Also in the smoothie doesn’t contain starch and salt, as required by the standard. Most cauliflower turned into a puree brand “Spelenok”, “Grow big” and “Gardens Pridonya.”

One brand, there were inconsistencies in Microbiology — in products found cocci and nonspore sticks. This could occur because of the violation of the packaging. Also have two brands from the study revealed inconsistencies in the labeling: one of them — deviation for protein, the other for potassium.

Previously, experts of Roskoshestvo warned about the danger of eating bread mold. Experts warn that the bread mold should be thrown out, only to cut off the affected part is impossible. The fact that the fungus penetrates the product until the appearance of visible fluffy deposits, so the rest of the time mildew can also be affected.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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