Primarily from a candle in the Cathedral for the Russian teenager explained


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Russian teen, primarily a cigarette from a candle in the Cathedral of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God in Chita, explained his actions. Video with a young man published in the Telegram-NTV.

“I did not even for the sake of hype, just for myself. According to his folly, stupidity,” said the guy. He also apologized to everyone who saw the video and said he did not want to offend anyone. In addition, the teenager said that after the publication of the video received threats and insults from other people.

A resident of Chita together with the friends posted a video from Church in a social network TikTok and Instagram, as it became known on July 27. The video shows how two teenagers, swearing, go to the Cathedral. One of them cross in front of the entrance. The other one laughs and says to light a candle is a crime. Then the teenager once again cross in front of the icon, and then lights a cigarette from a candle in the temple and prolonged.

The author commented that the video was filmed just for the sake of his followers, and urged people to subscribe if they want to see more of such content. Now the video removed from social networks. It is known that the video had become interested in the police in Zabaykalsky Krai, although the movie has collected only about a thousand views in TikTok.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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