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A Reddit user AnbuDaddy6969 said that he had received an offer of marriage from his girlfriend. He asked other users who had the same experience, to share their stories.

According to AnbuDaddy6969, he was preparing to call his girlfriend to marry, and even bought a ring, but she beat him to it first and made an offer. “I couldn’t believe it! I was in complete ecstasy and immediately agreed,” he said.

Zalminen user from Finland, in response to the story told. According to him, he was in a long distance relationship and wanted to propose a girl. The narrator wanted to make a quest, which in the end give a ring. “But in Finland there is an old belief that 29 February is the day when a woman can propose to a man to marry,” said he. In a leap year girl Zalminen 29 Feb made him an offer which he accepted.

User LunaticSongXIV said that in his case it was much more prosaic. They girl walked in, and she said, “We should get married”. The next day they filed, the ceremony was scheduled in two weeks. On the wedding day the employee who had to register the marriage of a couple, forgot about everything and left work.

Real_Lumen remembered that he had proposed to a girl he met only once. The guy helped her to record an album of music, however, she at all did not impress. After a while she began to flirt with him in correspondence and in one of the messages seriously proposed, arguing that the fact that they can become “the best in the history of the couple who writes songs.” The narrator refused.

DavidHill76 said that felt strange, seeing his friend standing on one knee in front of him. “At the same time it made me feel something special,” he said. The man agreed to marry. And Grouchy-Painter received an offer in a text message from a girl who in a few months, dumped him and announced herself a lesbian. “But I’m glad you all worked out,” said the user.

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