Russian banks lost deposits worth hundreds of millions of dollars


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Anatoly Zhdanov / Kommersant

In June 7 of the 11 Russian banks from the list of systemically important lost more than $ 600 million of foreign currency deposits. Such information to the credit reporting organizations, referenced in the RBC.

These figures more than the combined losses of the largest banks in may ($505 million), although less than in April (1.1 billion) and March (3.8 billion).

Overall, according to the Central Bank, the accounts of Russian credit institutions as of 1 July, there was foreign currency in the amount 89,56 billion dollars. In this month, this size increased to 593 million, but the dynamics have provided current and card accounts, and not deposits.

The main reason for the closure of foreign currency deposits to experts, reduction of rates to a level that deprives the contribution of economic sense. At the same time to keep money in a current account easier, because they are easier to manage.

Another cause is referred to as the refusal of some banks to open Deposit accounts in euros and dollars. Thus, because of the impossibility of prolongation of the money goes to current account. The process lasts about a year. Russian banks have complained that such a tool brings them loss, so the Central Bank even considered the possibility to allow for negative yield of deposits in foreign currencies.

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