Russian comedian ridiculed the tips for the successful management of Instagram


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Russian comedian Denis made fun of someone else’s advice on maintenance of accounts in Instagram, which he learned from books Lyubov Soboleva “Phenomenon “Instagram”” and Oleksandra Mitroshina “Promotion of personal blogs in Instagram”. “I have a hobby — reading books for fun” — commented the choice of Foreign publications. The video he posted on YouTube.

“According to Lubov Soboleva (and there is no reason not to believe her), then for the success of Instagram, you need to determine what your USP. USP is unique selling proposition,” he voiced one of the tips a comedian. He explained that this recommendation means that a person needs to understand themselves and to understand that he is able to do best, and doing just that.

“I thought that the book on how to write classroom texts, how to attract attention how to get good at it in the pictures, you have to be healthy and beautiful — it’s essentially a book about happiness,” commented read the comic and noted that the publication could become “something of a Bible for a person living in a world without God.”

According to someone else’s, tips Soboleva can either make people happier or faster to help pay the mortgage. “Only cons “burnout from the constant production of high-quality graphic content”. But I think I’m willing to take a risk,” said the comedian and added that he decided to follow the advice from the book “the Phenomenon of “Instagram””.

Alien also read the book blogers Oleksandra Mitroshina. “In the textbook on Instagram promise to solve problems that everyone faces: whether appearance is so important for a blogger; lack of originality; what to do if you have no one to take pictures?” he commented on the contents of the book.

“My first piece of advice my spiritual guru, is to correctly fill cap profile” — shared comic found in the book by the Council, noting that there are other recommendations for completing the “header” fields, and also offer to monitor closely competitors.

Previously someone else’s dedicated video book leading REN TV Igor Prokopenko “the Most shocking hypothesis: the mystery of man.” The comedian read a few fragments, in which, in particular, claimed that among people living reptilians and that man evolved from a worm, rats and Dolphin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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