Russian farmer complained of his field destroying tanks


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A farmer in the Volgograd region complained that he owned of the field was destroyed by them last column of tanks. On Tuesday, July 28, informs a portal “Volgograd truth”.

According to the Russian Arkady dudova, fighting vehicles of the 20th motorized rifle brigade marched through the earth in the direction of the landfill, where they were to take part in the exercises. “Burned approximately 160 acres of pasture. Now go back, trample down a layer of fertile,” complained a farmer.

He noted that the similar occurs not for the first time: tanks took place on the same route last spring. As explained by the farmer to the edition “news of Volgograd”, the land of his fighting is the route that tankers should only be used in case of Declaration of martial law. “The academic route is on Federal land. But in short, it allows you to save 42 tons of diesel fuel,” said Dudov.

According to his estimates, the military action has already cost him an entire year’s work, and for the reclamation of fertile layer will now require 7-8 years and hundreds of thousands of rubles. The farmer has already asked the military Prosecutor’s office and intends to seek compensation for damages.

Command of military units of the southern military district, stationed in the Volgograd region, stated that it began an inspection on this fact. At the same time, it stressed that all the routes on which the equipment moved on the polygons was consistent with the administration of gorodishchensky district, and no complaints from the owners of the land were reported.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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