Scientists have warned about a wave of new diseases of coronavirus


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Coronavirus can leave on the human heart irreversible structural changes, similar to the effects of a heart attack. This was warned by German scientists, reports the Daily Mail.

During the research it became known that the signs of lesions on the heart were seen in 76 of 100 patients who have recovered from the coronavirus. In addition, 75 percent of study participants had high levels of the protein troponin in blood, that’s usually an indicator of a heart attack.

The second study, conducted in Germany, showed that the coronavirus has struck hearts of more than half of the patients died from COVID-19.

Scientists do not yet know how the effects of coronavirus increase the risk of heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular diseases in humans. However, the studies help explain why the patients for a long time can not get rid of weakness in the body.

The authors also believe that physicians need to monitor the condition of patients with the coronavirus after their cure. According to them, if the results of further studies will be similar, there is a possibility that the coronavirus pandemic could trigger a wave of heart disease.

In late April, scientists at University of Westminster in the UK revealed how the coronavirus is capable of hitting the heart in people without cardiovascular disease. According to them, severe COVID-19 can occur myocarditis — extensive inflammation of the heart muscle (myocardium).

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