The court refused to arrest the kingpin Senka Samara


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In Samara, Oktyabrskiy district court refused to arrest in absentia 59-year-old Yakunin, known in criminal circles as a thief in the law the way to Samara. On Tuesday, July 28, reports the edition “Prime Crime”.

According to the newspaper, Putin is suspected of committing a crime under article 210.1 of the criminal code (“holding the higher position in criminal hierarchy”), punishment on which provides till 15 years of imprisonment. At the court session the representatives of the investigation said that since 1995 a suspect due to his criminal status, is unquestionable authority among members of the criminal hierarchy, which forces them to obey his will and orders.

The criminal case was based on the testimony of a children’s coach and was previously convicted of theft of a local resident. The investigators asked to arrest the suspect because he has not responded to the summons which he sent to his address in Moscow. The lawyer Sergei Davidian, protecting Yakunin, said that his client for many years lived in the Lipetsk region and on him no one sent the decision about excitation of criminal case.

Senka Samara was convicted five times. He first went to prison in 1979 for disorderly conduct, then twice served short terms for drug trafficking and theft. The last time he was in jail in 2009 in Adler, where he spent two months on suspicion of drug trafficking, but was released after paying a fine of 30 thousand rubles.

In 2015, he again came in sight of the Samara police on suspicion of drug trafficking, but the case was dismissed. After that, the thief-in-law wrote a letter to the Prosecutor in which he said that the investigators threatened him and demanded to leave the region. After some time, Yakunin left for permanent residence in Lipetsk oblast.

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