The guy two hours doing absolutely nothing and became a star


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The guy from Indonesia has recorded a two-hour movie, which did absolutely nothing, and posted it on YouTube. The young man thanks to this video became a star, writes World Of Buzz: record received nearly 43 million views and thousands of likes.

The young Indonesian has a blog in which talks about his life and doing reviews for food, his videos usually gather a few hundred hits. However, the video, which he for two hours just sitting in front of the camera has become much more popular.

In the description the author said that the last time he increasingly demanded to make educational content for young people. “Finally I did it,” he said in comments to the video called “Two hours of doing nothing”.

In may, the network has famous American Rob Kinney (Rob Kenney). He started a YouTube channel called “the Father how to do?” (Dad, how do I?), which is less than two months was signed by almost 900 thousand people. Rob puts it with the usual advice that could give a father to your child.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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