The idea of confiscation of deposits Russians explained


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The Ministry of Finance of Russia explained own idea of confiscation of Bank deposits in Russia, which was accused of illegal income, and redirect funds to the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR), according to “Vedomosti”.

The press service noted that this aims to address legislative gaps and to synchronize the various codes in relation to corruption cases.

Currently, the Budget code requires the transfer of illegally obtained funds withdrawn in favor of FIU. While the Civil code does not say that can as to confiscate the property of corrupt officials and money, if we fail to find evidence of the legality of their receipt. Such amendments and suggested the Ministry of Finance.

Earlier it was reported that in the case of adoption the document will come into force before the end of 2020. The forfeiture will extend to all citizens, not just civil servants.

Initially, the Finance Ministry did not specify which Agency will verify income, what will be the minimum amount for its initiation and for what period it will apply. If you believe the review Agency, in this part changes are envisaged, and new grounds for persecution will not enter.

This year, the FIU received 21.4 billion rubles from the sale of property confiscated from corrupt officials. This principle of replenishment of the Fund was used for the first time.

The constitutional court of Russia in November 2019, held that property may also be picked up from friends and relatives of officials implicated in corruption, if they cannot justify their origin. He decided that such a measure does not violate the constitutional rights of citizens.

In June the Russians closed foreign currency deposits of more than $ 600 million, 100 million more than in may.

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