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Men are more likely to believe in associated with coronavirus conspiracy theories than women. The study was published in the scientific journal Politics & Gender, the newspaper reports EurekAlert!.

The study, conducted in April under the direction of Professor of the University of Delaware (USA) Joan Miller (Joanne Miller), the experts surveyed three thousand people. The organizers of the survey asked respondents about popular conspiracy theories, for example, about the involvement of billionaire bill gates to the spread of coronavirus or the impact of 5G to the pandemic. Experts wrote down the answers participants recorded their gender, and political leanings.

According to the disclosed information, the issue related to conspiracy theories gender is more important than political views. Interviewed experts men frequently say that they believe in conspiracy theories than women. For example, among supporters of the Democratic party of the United States 32.45% of men and 22.27% of the women endorsed conspiracy theories. Among Republicans 48.9% of men and 38,81% of women said they consider conspiracy theories about the coronavirus reasonable.

The organizers of the study said that men and women are different survive the stress caused by coronavirus crisis. A key factor is the sense of helplessness in the face of danger. Scientists have concluded that not finding a rational explanation for the problem, men are more likely to be influenced by conspiracy theories.

Joan Miller noticed that most of the conspiracy theories found among Republicans. The Professor attributed this to the criticism in the media and political opponents of the methods of struggle of the President of Donald trump — also a Republican — against the coronavirus. Miller said he supports trump Americans believe the pandemic is less dangerous than his opponents. “If the United States led by a democratic President, that many more Democrats would believe in conspiracy theories,” concluded Miller.

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