The Russians are allowed to withdraw money in a new way


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The Russians are allowed to withdraw money a new way: in the country for the first time conducted a banking operation based on an electronic power of attorney certified by a notary. It was conducted by Sberbank in conjunction with the Federal chamber of notaries and the Ministry of communications. This was reported in the air Sberbank TV.

The service will allow notaries to certify not only the digital power of attorney and immediately send them to the Bank via a secure communication channel. In other words, there will be no need to transfer paper documents. “Service electronic power of attorney is an example of a new digital architecture that will allow to provide citizens and organizations a new degree of convenience and safety,” said Minister for digital development, communications and mass communications of Russia Maksut Shadaev.

As stressed by the head of Sberbank German Gref, the country now there is a fundamental trend on digitalization of routine processes that will free up people’s time. “The provision of notarial services in electronic form — just one of those processes and the situation with the pandemic proved the correctness of the development in this direction. We are glad that jointly with the Federal Notarial chamber today made a big step in the right direction and created the first in Russia Electronic notarial power of attorney,” he said.

Primarily using the new service will carry out simple operations, for example, to withdraw money, get account statements or Deposit account. It already can be done in several Moscow branches of the Bank. And legal persons and to citizens scheme will be the same: to issue a power of attorney at the notary, after which it sends it to the Bank, and the beneficiary can only call the Trustee and say that the document is sent. Once the Bank receives the power of attorney, the Trustee may carry out operations with it.

Sberbank is the first Bank that has established infrastructure for receiving such powers of attorney. In the future, such infrastructure may create other large credit institutions.

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