The UN has described the link between the coronavirus and air pollution


www.vsyako.netPhoto: NACHO DOCE / Reuters

Heavy air pollution can increase the mortality rate of coronavirus. It is written in a published UN report on the impact of the epidemic on life in large cities, reports TASS.

According to the document, the high level of mortality from diseases associated with poor air quality. The organization noted that the air has become cleaner over the period of a pandemic, and greenhouse gases become less. UN officials stressed that if not to undertake additional measures for the protection of the environment, the positive effect is only temporary.

UN Secretary-General, in turn, urged to adhere to the “green policy”. According to him, during the epidemic in many cities have created pedestrian zones and Cycling paths, which can significantly improve air quality and traffic safety.

Previously, experts from the Spanish organization “Ecologists in action” said that the air in Spanish cities has significantly purified during the time of quarantine measures in connection with epidemic of the coronavirus. According to experts, the pollution level in the cities with population more than 150 thousand people on average have declined by 58 percent compared to figures for last 10 years. In Madrid the content of harmful substances fell by 59%, in Barcelona by 62 percent.

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