The woman has never had sex and got pregnant


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A resident of Nigeria told how she got pregnant, never have sex with penetration. Her story shared the edition of the Daily Post.

Vatone of Anansi (Watoni Anyansi) was 23 years old when she suddenly stopped menstruating. For a while she wasn’t worried about it since I was a virgin. However, when a Nigerian woman start constantly vomiting, she came to the pharmacy and asked for some medicine. The pharmacist asked her to do a pregnancy test. At first she refused, but later still bought it. The test was positive.

Anansi went to the doctor and found out that she is in fifth month of pregnancy. Nigerian woman didn’t notice as her belly grew, on the contrary, she lost weight. Friends and relatives of Anansi was greatly surprised.

She Nigerian woman believes she got pregnant during foreplay with her boyfriend. Despite the fact that they haven’t had sex with penetration, they were both naked, and their genitals in contact.

Earlier it was reported about a high school student from the US who got pregnant at 19, never having sex with penetration. Beloved American asked her just in case to take a pregnancy test. Test was positive, in the end, the high school decided to have a baby.

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