These symptoms indecent people


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Reddit users at the request of the user with the nickname Fonzie1225 listed signs of indecent people. In the comments, which gained more than 14 thousand, they called things that draw attention in the first place.

Guyuteharpua complained of those who comes in the Elevator or public transport before people will come out. “One girl made it to the entrance to the building. I said to her, “did you know that a polite person should first produce the other, and then go?” She replied: “I Know!” And ran on” — shared one of the responding user.

User ofbalance recommended to look at the people in fast food restaurants leave behind leftover food and debris. Miss_Swiss_ noted that they usually think that cleaning up after them is someone’s work.

Yelling at the staff to leave the cart in the center of the room, loud music in vehicles, slam the doors with all his strength — all the users ranked as the factors that point to an attitude problem.

Earlier in July, Reddit users called obvious signs of smart people. In particular, they suggested that this characteristic is the understanding of the human fact that he too understands. Others have suggested to pay attention to what intelligent person knows even trivia on the subject in which well versed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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