Vacationing in Crimea, a Russian woman woke up in the blood under strange circumstances


www.vsyako.netElena Fedoseevoj: “Rain”

Russian tourist, who was vacationing in the Crimea, woke up covered in blood with multiple injuries under mysterious circumstances. About it by the victim, the lawyer Elena Fedoseeva, told the TV channel “Rain”.

The incident occurred on Sunday, July 19, in Spa hotel “Sea”, located not far from Alushta. According to Fedoseyeva, the night before the incident she was vacationing at the bar of the hotel with two children — they ordered the lavender lemonade, but she drank the cocktail “long island”, after which they went together to the room and went to bed.

“Dawn, I woke up on the pavement on-site blood all over the shorts and t-shirt — what is sleep. In a very bad state of health, I was sick, I was dizzy,” recalled the Russian and added that half of her face was swollen, one tooth broken, and legs are all bruised. All the jewels of the tourists have left untouched.

Arrived at the scene, paramedics, the woman was a few stitches in the center of the chin and a cast on his hand. It is known that children tourists were still in the room and were not injured. Fedoseyev said that the footage from surveillance cameras, which she managed to partially gain access, she saw as a “smooth step, no loitering” first comes down the stairs and goes to the pool, and then, after a while, return with injuries.

The interlocutor of TV channel has also indicated that it has applied to the local police station, but there he was not accepted and forced her to break the document. In turn, the hotel management refuses to provide the full footage, denies involvement in the incident and intends to go to court with a complaint of slander.

“I don’t need anything”, — concluded the proceedings, stressing that he did not know what had happened, and only wants her children in the future was not in this situation.

On 23 July it was reported that in the Crimea, the driver of the watercraft ran over the diver and hurt his head. Arrived at the scene rescuers had suffered first aid, perebintovany his head, and then taken on a stretcher to the ambulance. The wounded man was hospitalized in Feodosia city hospital.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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