Women explained their low self esteem addiction to photoshop


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Appearance of celebrities and the abundant use of photoshop have a negative impact on the self-esteem of ordinary women. This is evidenced by the results of a study of cosmetic brand Skin Proud, who is quoted by the Daily Star.

In the survey the company took part in the two thousand residents of the UK. It was found that about 17 percent of women experience lack of confidence due to the fact that comparing yourself with stars. A quarter of the respondents admitted that they do not leave the house without makeup, because it does not feel pretty enough.

“We were very surprised when I learned that people are so concerned about the appearance of others — even those with whom they are not familiar. It is obvious that celebrities and their supposedly perfect body and skin make us feel inferior,” commented rukovoditelnitsa marketing Department in Skin Proud Zukauskaite Nora (Nora Zukauskaite).

In addition, the study showed that 28 percent of women experience pressure because of the rigid requirements of society to their appearance. Other 14% suffer from low self-esteem for the reason that they face in real life is different from what depicted in the photographs, which were published in social networks.

In addition, the majority of study participants admitted that they often retouch in mobile applications of the flaws of the skin. At the same time, 16 percent said their lips, and every tenth woman — reduces the nose.

In June it was reported that in Russia in the early 90s changed the idea of beauty and new trends in plastic surgery. Currently, patients prefer natural. “Fashion for seventh breast size, bigger breast sizes, lips, doll face shape is outdated. Everyone understood that, in particular, large Breasts — it’s unaesthetic and ugly,” he told the star plastic surgeon Hayk Babayan.

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