A goat was arrested for walking without a medical mask


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Globallookpress.com

Police in the Indian city of Kanpur, state of Uttar Pradesh, was arrested a goat because she went to the area of the Bacon-Ganj in the city centre without a protective mask. This publication reports Dunya News.

The guards noticed the goat without a medical mask, took her and the jeep was taken to the police station. The owner of the animal came to the police station and begged the police to return his pet, the animal was released with a warning about the inadmissibility of further violations.

“People make dogs wear masks, why would the goat not to?” — commented on the incident the duty officer of the police station Saifuddin Running (Saifuddin Beg).

Earlier it was reported that in the USA the goat, who was forced to use drugs and alcohol, sent on courses therapeutic animals. Eventually he recovered, he began with the pleasure of eating fruits and vegetables, and loved to communicate with people and get jealous when visitors to the shelter are paying attention to other animals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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