A Russian police officer drove into the oncoming lane and killed teen on scooter


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Natalia Seliverstova / RIA Novosti

In the Kalyazin district of the Tver region policeman drove into the oncoming lane and knocked down adolescent, moving on a scooter. This was reported on the website of the interior Ministry of Russia in the region.

According to authorities, the accident occurred at 23:45 on 28 July, the 135-th kilometer of the highway R-104. While driving had a 30-year employee of the Department of internal Affairs on the Moscow metro. He went into the oncoming lane, making overtaking and crashed into a scooter with a 15-year-old driver and two 14-year-old passengers.

The Teens died at the scene from his injuries. Medical examination of Russians showed no signs of intoxication. Criminal case as regards 5 articles 264 of the criminal code (“Violation of a person administering car, traffic regulations or operation of vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons”).

In January in the village Kine in Kabardino-Balkaria, a drunken policeman knocked down a pedestrian and crashed into the Mercedes. In the regional Department of the Ministry of interior said that the pedestrian crossed the road in the wrong place, he died from his injuries before the ambulance arrived.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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