A woman has got spirits in the eye and saved his life


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Depositphotos

A resident of the English town of Sutton Coldfield accidentally got perfume in my eye and for a time lost his sight. As informs edition Daily Mail, she went to the doctor that helped early detection of cancer.

Carol Player (Player Carol) was diagnosed with melanoma of the eye. This is a very aggressive cancer, 70 percent of patients suffering from this disease die. However, timely diagnosis has saved the life of a Briton.

The next day after the Player was diagnosed, her eyes removed. The doctor examined her and said that she was completely cured from cancer.

However, after five years, British women were diagnosed with cancer of the liver. She had to spend therapy new medication for free, but because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection to Fund the treatment refused. Now, the Player and her family are raising money on their own.

Earlier it was reported that the guitarist was sprayed at a concert a fan of beer and hit her in the eye. The girl went to the doctor because of pain in the eye, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor at an early stage. The tumor was removed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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