Bag luxury brand for thousands of dollars compared with packages for dogs


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Ridiculous design handbags the Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta has puzzled buyers. It is reported by The Sun.

In the description of the accessory on the brand site States that the BV model Twist comes in “the form of a soft bag with a handle that looks carelessly tied and slips on the wrist”. It is presented in various colors, including black, Indigo and milk. The cost of bags is $ 2,200 (almost 160 thousand rubles).

The buyers of luxury brands scoffed at the specified accessory and compared it with the packages for dogs. “I was browsing the Internet jokes about the cost of designer handbags and nearly choked on my tea when I came across this dear and funny bag. I have a pet, so I spend a lot of time at the dog Park. One day I laughed out loud when I saw the accessory Bottega Veneta on hand at the models passing by”, — said the Briton Andrea Smith (Andrea Smith).

According to the girl, accessory reminded her about how her friend “carelessly tied, very large bags for faeces that she needs to regularly buy for my giant dog.”

In July, the social networks showed the most tasteless things brands and raised them to laugh. Photo of absurd articles appeared in the Instagram account @uglydesign. For example, the authors page published a photo of the sunglasses, the bow of which is made in the form of sausages. Another picture shows a toothbrush in the form of the toes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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