Deripaska criticized the Russian authorities for the fight against sanctions


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Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, who is under personal sanctions by the U.S., in an interview with RBC criticized the authorities for the fight against restrictive measures.

He called the sanctions against the unreasonably calm. “We 2014-2018 absolutely pofigistichno this. We grabbed two seats. And we hurt, although the world has moved forward,” he said, noting that in five years it would be possible to solve many problems and provide economic sovereignty.

According to Deripaska, in the U.S. developing sanctions and the search for ways pressure doing five thousand people, they collect a large amount of information across countries and companies. In Russia against that of four. Their names he did not name, but noted that at least a thousand people from the Russian side would have seriously changed the balance of power.

The billionaire believes that all agencies need to work special units on sanctions, “payment calculations, providing export and import, should be implemented”, and in addition, an important question remains digital assets and everything related to new digital technologies.

Earlier, Deripaska managed to withdraw from the sanctions of En+, and RUSAL, which is what he had to relinquish control over the companies. A similar path has been chosen and the GAZ group, which sanctions repeatedly postponed.

Last week it became known that the Russian plant will have to report to U.S. agencies about their own work and large financial transactions, and to prove that Deripaska was not involved in its management. Otherwise, the deferral of sanctions will not. A number of experts in the US believe that bankruptcy will be the best outcome of sanctions, since their primary purpose is to cause damage.

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