HSE released the report after the words of the Professor about the fight against the terrorists of Chechnya for freedom


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Higher school of Economics (HSE) released a 17-page report on the inadmissibility of justifying terrorism after Professor Hasan Huseynov, who called the terrorist attack in the theatrical center on Dubrovka in Moscow, which occurred in 2002, the national liberation struggle of the Chechen people. The document is published on the University website.

“No one in our country no academic or any other circles does not justify not trying to justify the terrorism and its crimes. And yet, in the information space get sloppy, poorly edited snippets that can create a misconception” — the authors of the report. The name of Huseynov in the text is not mentioned.

In the HSE stressed that terrorism 1994-2009 “cannot be considered as a national liberation struggle”. The use of this term, which initially has a positive spin, in relation to the actions of the Chechen fighters, considered by the authors as the conscious or unconscious desire “if not justify, then at least, mitigate the guilt of the perpetrators” and “reverses the moral side of the question turned on its head.”

Huseynov said that the events of 2002’s “liberation” in the comments under the private post journalist and teacher HSE Anna Narinsky. She said she was interviewed about the terrorist attack at the American writer Susan Sontag, who said that a terrorist attack need to understand “how the liberation struggle of the Chechen people.” Narinsky said he did not agree with this statement. “Chechnya has traded independence for the military, and its leadership believes the rest of Russia an appendage of the Chechen Republic”, — said Huseynov.

A terrorist attack in the theatrical center on Dubrovka in Moscow took place on 23 October 2002 during a screening of the musical “Nord-OST”. Militants booby-trapped room and over two days held 916 spectators, actors and workers of DC. The terrorists demanded the withdrawal of Russian troops from Chechnya. The attack killed 130 people, including 10 children.

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