In Minsk have started to pull troops


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In Minsk began to pull the column of military vehicles with soldiers. It is reported by Telegram-channel NEXTA Live Belarusian journalist Stepan Putilo.

According to them, the accompanying machines had rooms in Vitebsk region. The end point of one of the observed columns became the military unit 5448, located on Mayakovsky street in the Belarusian capital.

Now all over the country relocating internal troops, paratroopers and border guards, the reporters.

Previously, on 29 July President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko began an emergency meeting with members of the security Council of the Republic. He demanded from Russia to clarify the situation with the detention in Minsk of the fighters of private military companies (PMCs) Wagner.

Writer Zakhar Prilepin said that the Russians were ex-soldiers of his battalion who fought in the Donbass. According to him, it’s two or three people. The writer has questioned the fact that Russian mercenaries arrived in Minsk in order to destabilize the situation in Belarus.

A team of 32 Russians, who were called mercenaries, detained in a sanatorium near Minsk on July 29. According to BelTA, they drew the attention of uncharacteristic for Russian tourists behavior and monotonous clothing in military style. Another man was arrested in the South of Belarus. It is argued that they all serve in PMCs Wagner. The investigative Committee of Belarus checks.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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