Magazine named 16-year-old daughter of the Queen of the Netherlands plus size and was cursed


www.vsyako.netCatharina-Amalia Niderlandskogo: Robin Utrecht / Shutterstock / REX

Journalists Spanish edition Caras called the Princess of the Netherlands plus size bed in a new room and was cursed in the network. Reported by the Daily Mail.

On the cover of the magazine there was a Queen consort of the Netherlands maxima and her daughter Catharina-Amalia. 16-year-old Princess to pose with her mother in a blue dress with an orange belt and sandals to match the outfit. “The eldest daughter of Maxim is the title of “plus-size” with pride,” reads the headline on the first page of the publication.

The room also published an article, which States that Catharina-Amalia “is faced with the criticism, but despite this, stands the figure of a real woman”. However, it is noted that the girl did not give any comments to journalists Spanish edition.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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