Russia denied the accusations in an attempt to destabilize the situation in Belarus


www.vsyako.netVladimir Jabaroot: press service of the Federation Council

Russia has never had plans to destabilize the situation in Belarus, it is our closest ally, said a member of the Federation Council Vladimir Jabbarov. It was quoted by RIA Novosti on Wednesday, July 29.

Earlier on Wednesday it became known about detention last night 33 people in Minsk, which the media called mercenaries from private military companies (PMCs) Wagner. The names of the detainees are in the database of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker”. Just reported that the country ahead of presidential elections scheduled for 9 August, was allegedly abandoned 200 militants.

Writer Zakhar Prilepin said that among the detained Russians were former soldiers of his battalion.

According to Agency BelTA, the detainees drew the attention of law enforcement uncharacteristic for Russian tourists behavior and monotonous clothing in military style. In their attitude checks, the Investigative Committee of Belarus.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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