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Russian YouTube bloggers predicted the depletion of their advertising revenues in the current year will be reduced to 600 million rubles. According to Adindex, the market volume from January to August was less than 20 percent than the same period last year.

It is noted that for the first eight months of 2019, the advertising revenues of Russian bloggers has amounted to three billion rubles, and in 2020-m — 2.4 billion rubles. It is assumed that the recovery of the advertising market to the level of last year will take months until the end of this year.

Most of all reduced the amount of advertising in the category “Travel and events” — 28.4 percent. Also recorded a decline in demand in the “Comedy” and “Vehicles and transport”. In the “Education” to 81.5 percent increase in the need for advertisements. In addition, a positive dynamic was registered in the category “Charity”, “Movies” and “Games”.

It is argued that productivity bloggers on quarantine was a myth. In April because of mode isolation influencer, on the contrary, reduced content creation to 13.9 percent, and the number of video views has declined, but only by 0.8 percent.

In 2019, the rating of the highest paid stars of the Internet, according to Forbes headed blogger Valentin Petukhov, known as Size. He has earned over the year, more than 176 million rubles. In second place was the journalist Yuri Dude (about 90 million). Third place went to blogger and TV presenter Anastasia Ivlieva (57,7 million).

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