Shot wife Russian Deputy sent to the colony and to the psychiatrist


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Chelyabinsk regional court sentenced the former Deputy and the head physician of local hospital of Azat Zaripov to 11 years in strict regime colony for killing his wife. On Wednesday, July 29, reports “Interfax”.

The court as mitigating circumstances taken into account, that dependent on the Zaripova are four children, the youngest of whom is four years, as well as a confession and positive recommendations from colleagues and neighbors. The decision of the court former Deputy has forcibly observed by a psychiatrist.

Earlier it was reported that problems in the family of MP began after his wife Elena went on holiday to Turkey. Soon the Deputy saw her correspondence with the animator. Slowly, she began to engage in trading, chat with many men, who allegedly called her at night. After that, the woman said he wanted to take the kids and go to someone in Novosibirsk.

Zaripov went to the store and bought alcohol and came home drunk, quarreled with his wife and decided to kill her and himself. In the pantry he took were kept for hunting “Saiga” and shop patrons. A man twice shot his wife in front of their child, then called the father and said that he had killed his wife. Soon he was detained by law enforcement officers.

At the time of the crime Azat Zaripov was a member of the Locomotive city district from the party “United Russia”.

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