Stolen Teddy bear with an important voice message returned to the owner


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A resident of Vancouver, Canada returned the stolen Teddy bear, who spoke the voice of her dead mother. This publication reports the Global News.

Important to 28-year-old Mary Soriano (Soriano Mara) toy was stolen on July 24. She gathered her things during the move, was distracted by a call hit by a van a friend, rushed to his aid and left the bag with the bear, important documents, iPad and Nintendo Switch on the street. It had been stolen. Soriano everywhere, put up posters, which begged the return of the bear, in which the capsule enclosing the sound with a voice message recorded by her deceased mother from cancer. To search for the toy joined thousands of people, including Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds.

Unknown wrote Soriano late in the evening on Tuesday, July 28, the day after she talked to reporters about the loss. At first the girl reacted to the message warily, but then I realized that the other person writes sincerely and really found stolen. She agreed with him about the meeting in a safe place on the street and came back with a young man. As soon as the unknowns came and got the bear out of the bag, Soriano broke down in tears of joy.

I couldn’t believe it. Bear was wrapped in a handkerchief, and as soon as he unwrapped it, my knees buckled. I couldn’t see anything because of the tears in the eyes, grabbed the toy from his hands before he fully unpacked, and hugged her tightly. I just could not believe my eyes

Mara Arianajasminet with toy a resident of Vancouver

The girl told that unknown stole the bear from a camp of homeless people in one of city parks. Soriano thanked all who participated in the search toys: the police, journalists and ordinary people. “I can’t believe so many people came together to help a young man like me. I think they just presented themselves in my place,” she confessed.

Soriano added that found house important documents, which she believed also stolen. It turned out that they were in the other bag. She’s still a little hopeful that she will return the stolen electronics, but are not particularly worried.

The girl claims that Ryan Reynolds, who announced the rewards for finding toys wrote to her and asked about the situation. She’s already told him that the bear was found. Soriano added that some people offer her money, so she bought new electronics stolen, but she’s not ready to take them. All those wishing to donate funds to the girl asking to support the hospice in Toronto, where he lived for the last week of her mother.

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