The Americans mistook the flag of Norway with the “flag is racist” and I am offended


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The owners of “Scandinavian pineapple” in St. Johns (Michigan) was forced to remove the flag of Norway: protesters mixed it with the Confederate flag. It is reported by the Lansing State Journal.

The Norwegian flag was hanging in front of the mansion, which the couple Kiersten and Greg Offenbecher converted into a hotel. They own establishment, 2018, and put the flag immediately after opening. This is due to the fact that the grandfather of the wife is a native of Norway, and hung out the flag — a tribute to the roots.

According to the couple, they came face to face with the indignation of the Americans. Those confused the flag of Norway the flag of the Confederate States of America (CSA). Both shows a blue cross on a red background, but the details on the panels are different, and the crosses are different. Usually, the visitors changed their mind after the explanation, but now about a couple of Offenbacher began to go nasty rumours: people believed that they specifically hang the “racist flag” of the CSA. The owners decided to remove the flag, because they feared for their lives — local people could seriously be offended and attack the pair. So, Offenbacher already received dozens of letters with accusations of racism and threats.

In the period from 1861 to 1865 in the United States there existed a Confederation of the southern States. During the civil war, which lasted from 1861 to 1865, there was a collision between the North and the slave South, confederates. Southerners lost the war that led to the abolition of slavery. Despite this, southern States were some symbols of the Confederacy. Many Americans consider it a manifestation of racism, however, the proponents of the symbols and names relating to Confederate, state that it is an integral part of U.S. history.

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