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In Kyrgyzstan there is a growing dissatisfaction with the actions of the authorities during the epidemic. The spring was declared a state of isolation, which dealt a blow to the country’s economy, largely based on small business. But that time was wasted: the authorities have not prepared a new hospital bed, not stocked medical equipment and medicines. Parliamentary elections are scheduled for October 4, 2020 and does not intend to cancel despite the fact that in Kyrgyzstan continues to rage the epidemic of the coronavirus, with hundreds of cases every day of people. Ultimately, the government can get a surprise in the voting. The so-called “” socio-political situation in Kyrgyzstan on the eve of the vote, the co-founder of the Institute of humanitarian and political studies Alexander Filippov.

“In October, President Sooronbai Jeenbekov will mark the third anniversary since his election — this is just half of his term. But the only thing he can claim as an asset during this period — the so-called fight against corruption, which, however, was carried out very selectively: under arrest were mainly officials associated with his predecessor, Almazbek Atambayev, and the ex-President himself. The objectivity of ongoing trials remains a big question”, — said Alexander Filippov.

According to experts, the main intrigue of the upcoming elections — who can lead a growing protest vote — parliamentary parties “Republic” and “ATA-Meken” is unlikely.

“The Creator and sponsor of the “Republic” Omurbek Babanov after losing the presidential elections of 2017 have come under a criminal case. To avoid a trial, he had publicly to declare his retirement from politics. Now the “Republic” has no bright leader, no financing, — Alexander Filippov. The leader of another major opposition party “ATA-Meken” Omurbek Tekebayev was condemned for a bribe of one million dollars under former President Atambaeva. When Jeenbekov, the verdict was reversed, and the case was remanded for a new trial. But while Tekebaev has been rehabilitated. He is fully on the hook of power.”

The former ruling Social democratic party of Kyrgyzstan (SDPK), after the arrest of its leader ex-President Almazbek Atambayev has split into several factions, says the head of the Institute of humanitarian-political research. Spring was declared the new party of “Social Democrats” created sons Atambayev — Seidikum and kadirbek. The party was more than a year ago, intensified in March, filing documents at local elections in the city of Balykchi, but because of the epidemic was postponed indefinitely.

“”Social Democrats” one of the first opened the headquarters of the party in all regions of the country and their party list now — the most intriguing element in the life of the country, as it is expected the Union of many political forces under a new banner,” says Aleksandr Filippov.

Summer at the sites of leading news agencies of Kyrgyzstan was conducted polls readers about which party they know and for what ready to vote. So, 20 July 2020, the Agency conducted a survey of which of the parties most well known. Suddenly “the Social Democrats” was in third place after Pro-government “Mekenim Kyrgyzstan” and “Birimdik”. Even more dramatic results, the party has demonstrated in other online surveys the leading media of the country: Kaktus media, Media center, special

“Of course, these data cannot be regarded as fully representative. But they against absolute opposition “vacuum” the project “Social Democrats” can shoot — reflects Alexander Filippov. — I wonder what “Social Democrats” with a stake in domestic politics for the extension of the parliamentary system and the introduction of mechanisms of “direct electronic democracy”, in foreign policy are the firm supporters of integration with Russia and the EEU. The current President verbally supports cooperation with Moscow, but in recent years the real relations of Kyrgyzstan with its allies in the EEU are stagnating. Of course, it is important not only how to vote, but also how to count. However, two of the first President of Kyrgyzstan Akayev and Bakiyev, falsified the voting results, lost power. It’s all in Kyrgyzstan, remember.”

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