The former participant of “let’s get married!” accused leading a lie


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The former contestant on “let’s get married!” Julia Guseva, who was suspected of trying to arrange a session of black magic in the air, accused of leading a program of lying. Video with her monologue she posted on YouTube.

According to Guseva, presenter Larissa Guzeeva has changed read out snippets from the letter which the girl sent the editors of the program. In particular, Guzeeva read that “the groom should adjust to the habits and behavior of Julia”. Gusev also said that it is a lie, and that she wrote in the text the opposite — the groom should not adapt to it.

In response to this Guzeeva was invited to the Studio editor with the printout, which, according to the participant of the show, was not the original her letters. “I realize that this is now a trap,” he described his thoughts at that moment, the girl. In addition, in that letter, excerpts from which were read Guzeeva, it was written that a man must buy the bride a car business class and to financially support her. At the same time she Guseva argues that wrote that a man can do, and should not.

The former participant of “let’s get married!” showed on the video the text of a letter, which, according to her, she sent in February to the editor of the program and which was not mentioned Guzeeva phrases. “Now you do, your friends will see what methods of a person psychologically hurt that the leading will do anything for ratings, anything for the bloodthirsty energy of suffering by any means”, — said the girl.

The release of “let’s get married!” with the participation Guseva was aired in late March. The girl reported the leading, that they “are blocked”, and promised that before the end of 2020, the transfer will be closed. Leading also suspected her of trying to arrange a session of black magic. During the filming Guzeeva tried to stop the transfer and left the Studio.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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