The girl complained of fatigue and died from the coronavirus in the dream


www.vsyako.netThe Kimora Linum and Mikasa young Holmstro: GoFundMe

American school girl Kimora Linum (Kimora Lynum) died from the coronavirus during sleep after he complained of fatigue. About it reports The Mirror.

How to tell the family of nine girls, a few days before her death, she felt unwell. Her body temperature rose to 37.7 degrees, but the doctors felt that the child has a common cold and sent her home. Despite the symptoms, test for the presence of coronavirus schoolgirl did not.

After a few days the Kimora felt a little better, and she went outside to play with their friends. Coming home after a walk, the girl complained of fatigue and went to bed. After some time the girl’s mother found her no signs of life. According to relatives, health issues the girl had.

In June due to new diseases occur after infection with a coronavirus, has died two-year-old Muscovite. In her blood detected IgM antibodies that are produced in the acute phase COVID-19, and parents were not allowed to visit the patient.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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