The journalist showed injuries after being hit by a bullet in the eye


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Trip Jennings

Journalist Trip Jennings (Trip Jennings) during an interview with Business Insider showed the wounds he received after being hit in the eye with a rubber bullet a police officer during protests in the U.S. city of Portland.

According to Jennings, the law enforcement agencies tried to disperse the rioting with tear gas and rubber bullets. The man compared the situation with a scene from the movie and said that he retreated with the crowd and photographed the events.

“When the shooting was over, I decided to leave,” the journalist noted. He stopped near a tree to estimate the distance between themselves and the police. “I was wearing a helmet and a bulletproof vest. As soon as I opened something that was vulnerable (i.e. my face), they got hit,” said Jennings. The bullet hit the glass of the mask and broke it, the man’s eyes was is bloody.

The journalist managed to continue driving and get to the doctors-volunteers who helped him. They put Jennings in the car, which also fired rubber bullets. Now a reporter is looking forward to meeting with the doctor to assess the damage. “I hope my eyes can be cured,” he said.

Earlier in July it was reported that us police attacked journalists of the First channel covering a protest in Portland. Law enforcement officers hit the members of the crew and broke their camera. The Kremlin has protested the actions of the American police and added that they expect the adoption of measures “to create proper conditions for a free media”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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