The man has accumulated five thousand dollars of coins and donated them to the state



Jim Holton American Wisconsin donated to the state more than five thousand dollars (USD 362.5 thousand) in the form of coins that were collected over the years. About this story according to NBC News.

As told by the father of four children, he started collecting coins when he was born his eldest son. First piggy Bank filled up fast, but the man did not stop there. He decided to continue to collect coins as long as his children don’t finish high school so that the whole family could “have some fun” — for example, to travel to Europe. According to his calculations, he had to accumulate one thousand or 1,5 thousand dollars.

The father kept the money in the basement and planned to leave them alone a few years, however, when he learned that the pandemic coronavirus, the United States faced a shortage of coins, I decided that I should contribute to the salvation of their country’s economy. He contacted the Bank and arranged to transfer coins, piggy banks and containers weighing more than 130 kilograms had to be taken to the cart.

When counting Holton was surprised to find that over the years has accumulated more than five thousand dollars. He did not spend money, because hoped that more will be able to use them for some special occasion. However, the man decided not to keep coins in connection with their shortage in the country and find “other creative ways” to save money.

On the background of the cover of the US pandemic coronavirus Americans out of fear of catching the infection through cash were more likely to prefer cashless payment methods. As a result, the residents of the United States have accumulated a significant number of coins, triggering a scarcity in circulation, and provoking in the country full coin crisis. The U.S. mint has addressed to Americans with the request to pay in coins to exchange them for paper money in banks or special devices.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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