The monument to the sex slaves in South Korea have found a similarity with the Prime Minister of Japan


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In one of the figures of the monument to the sex slaves in South Korea found an affinity with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. About it reports Reuters.

In South Korea’s Pyeongchang have set a monument to the victims of sexual slavery during the Second world war, which is a two gilded statues. The first — sitting girl who symbolizes the “women of comfort” who were forced to work in brothels in Japan. The second statue bowed to her man. Reporters noted that the features of his face resemble the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The Secretary-General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan Acehide Suga found it impermissible. He stressed that if the statue really depicts the face of Abe, it could seriously affect relations between Seoul and Tokyo.

Thus the management of the Park, a monument, denies the similarity of the figure with Abe. However, the local sculptor who produced the statue, on the contrary recognize it. The man said that his plan was supposed to reflect the similarity and show that Japan should continue to request redemption, while South Korea will not forgive her.

The issue of sexual slavery during the Second world war painful for the relations between the two countries. Japan has repeatedly apologized, in 2015 Abe and then-South Korean President Park Geun-Hye even managed to reach an agreement. Then they acknowledged that the problem is officially closed. However, some time later, after coming to power, moon Jae-In, Seoul is determined to renegotiate the terms of the transaction.

“Women of comfort” refers to residents of countries in East and South-East Asia, who were forced to work in military brothels (“comfort stations”) to meet the sexual needs of Japanese soldiers during the Second world war. Tokyo claimed that it was a personal choice of women. World historians insist that the women were kidnapped and forced to work in brothels. The number of “comfort women” ranged from 20 to 410 thousand people.

Korea from 1910 to 1945 was a Japanese colony. During this period, Koreans were discriminated against by Tokyo.

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