The network has sparked debate about men’s nipples


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A Reddit user with the nickname _justinm307 asked other users opinions on what would be the reaction of women if men were also covered up my nipples. After this network dispute broke out: many felt that in this case, women would have experienced sexual arousal as the guys when you look at women’s Breasts. Other opposed to such a supposition.

The user julianwelton said that he considered that the male torso and is now one of the most attractive parts of the body of a man in the eyes of women. However, some said that it really depends on the appearance of the torso.

Many women said that they are really attracted to men’s Breasts. At the same time, they listed other parts of the body that excite them. In particular, Yuyu-Frenchy said that she also likes to look at my hands, ass and legs. Also very unexpected for many was that girls are attracted to guys forearm.

NeitherMountain1 proposed to put the question a little differently. He noted that women and so attracted to the male body. “Some excite and nipples. People just infest the human body, which they generally like. So that men get aroused when looking at women’s Breasts is not only due to the fact that it can not show in society,” — said the user.

Previously, on 28 July, a Reddit user said that his girlfriend made him an offer. According to nick, he was preparing to call his girlfriend to marry, and even bought a ring, but she beat him to it first and made an offer. “I couldn’t believe it! I was in complete ecstasy and immediately agreed,” he described. The narrator invited other men to share their stories, and responded to the call of hundreds of users.

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