The published correspondence of the sisters, Khachaturian with friends about bullying father


www.vsyako.netMary Hachaturjanu: Dmitry Lebedev / Kommersant

Appeared part of the correspondence of the sisters, Khachaturian, killed his father, with friends. Messages published Telegram-channel Mash.

They youngest of the sisters, Maria, complains of regular beatings of Mikhail Khachaturian. She told friends that her father forced their mother to leave, holding her head with a gun and threatening to shoot them all. In addition, Mary wrote that the father molested her older sister angelina. “To angelina as he ought, so be it. She can’t just tell him anything, always agree on everything. Me is afraid, because he knows he will not keep silent”, — is spoken in the message.

Another sister — Kristina — wrote to his friend that father middle of the night drove her from home and an unironed shirt. “Beginning very nervous, cry and gasp. And crashed, small me in mind lead and roared,” — said the girl and added that the father hit the sisters a gun to the head.

The Prosecutor General’s office on July 13 approved the indictment in respect of three sisters, Khachaturian, after which the criminal case was submitted to the court. The case against the little sisters Khachaturyan considers Butyrskaya court of Moscow, and her older sisters — the Moscow city court.

The investigation was completed on December 3, 2019. According to the investigation, on July 27, 2018, and three sisters, Khachaturian, experiencing acute personal hostility to the father, struck him numerous blows with a knife and a hammer on the body, the head and neck. From the received traumas the man died.

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