The Russian family was evicted from the apartment with tear gas


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In Ufa a family with two children kicked out of the apartment with an unknown chemical substance — presumably tear gas. The people who identified themselves as new homeowners, rushed inside and sprayed from the cylinders of a caustic composition, inhalation of which tenants began to choke. It is reported

According to the portal, the family purchased an apartment in the mortgage and at a certain point, when faced with financial difficulties, ceased to pay the loan. The Russian Bank filed for mortgage holders to court, decided to withdraw the apartment for subsequent sale at auction. Negotiate with the lender in a peaceful way failed. In July it became known that the apartment is sold, and the previous tenants have to move out.

“We were in some surreal movie. This cycle, which we cannot solve even given the fact that you were willing to give all, — said the publication of Anastasia, the former co-owner of housing. — Our apartment was worth 3.7 million rubles. According to rough estimates, we spent $ 2.3 million. And we still owe over $ 3 million. If we now pay, you get 5.4 million. But even in this case, we are willing to pay more to us left a single housing, which defines children. They go to school. Now where we go, we don’t know”.

On July 27, the apartment came men in armor. They broke the locks, sprayed an unknown substance, forcing parents with children to leave home barefoot. Family stuff is left inside. The children then recorded the burns of the eyes and face.

Earlier it was reported that from the beginning of 2020 in Russia has sharply increased the number of troubled mortgage loans secured new apartments. In the whole country borrowers, previously issued mortgages for housing under construction, stopped to pay every 252nd credit, whereas at the beginning of the year has not been serviced every 262nd credit.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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