The Russians called the easiest way to keep attention on the work



Teacher anti-stress programs Irina Hrobostov in an interview with radio Sputnik told the Russians how to improve concentration and to access their inner resources in the middle of the day, when a person begins to get tired.

According to her, the most guaranteed way to regain attention — perform breathing exercises. These exercises help to recover for a few minutes. “If you upset or very excited, or do you have feverish thoughts, just shift attention to your breathing. Observe your breath, for what you have” — told Irina Hrobostov. According to her, after that, the breath will begin to slow, the body and mind to relax, which will allow to get rid of nervousness or lihoradit thoughts and actions.

However, such a breathing meditation you can use not only in loss of concentration. For example, this technique helps to mobilize the skills and talents, to overcome fears, will allow better control of emotions. “After a few minutes of meditation improves intuition, and you have an understanding of what to do or what not to do,” added Hrobostov.

Earlier, the psychiatrist Eugene Fomin advised Russian men to cry, because it is good for the nervous system, and tears — a powerful anti-stress mechanism. However, he warned that often “let off steam” so no need to neither women nor men, especially in public, otherwise you can get used to the weak and the sacrificial position.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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