The Russians gave recommendations on the prevention of enterovirus


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The CPS gave the Russians the councils for the prevention of enterovirus. Recommendations are published on the Agency’s website.

Enterovirus is a common infectious disease caused viruses Enterovirus. It can be spread by water and contact-household ways.

Rospotrebnadzor urged to follow some rules for the prevention of infection, in particular, the mandatory washing of hands before meals and after visiting the toilet and after changing a baby’s diaper. In addition, the Ministry said that to eat only washed vegetables and fruits. Also the Russians advised to ensure food protection from insects.

Increases the risk of disease and in the case that contact with people with symptoms of infectious diseases. The CPS also recommended to swim only at designated beaches or in swimming pools, with regular disinfection and water quality control.

In addition, the Russians advised not to touch with dirty hands to face and not buy food from street vendors.

In October 2019, Japanese scientists have discovered a new species of virus which has no structural proteins necessary for vital activity of microorganism. The new virus is a protective protein shell was unknown genes. Biologists have found that belonging to an unknown type of retrovirus, the microorganism was not able to enter the body and therefore “borrowed” from other virus structural proteins.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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