Became aware of the lack of drugs in the apartment of rapper Andy Cartwright


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In St. Petersburg during a search of the apartment of the deceased rapper Alexander Yushko, known as Andy Cartwright, no drugs were found. About it “” has informed a source in law enforcement bodies.

According to him, in search of illicit substances were involved in a service dog, but she found no drugs.

About drugs in the apartment said the wife of the musician Marina Kohala. According to her, during a pandemic jusko depressed due to cancelled concerts and a sharp drop in revenues, writes “Fontanka”. The family rents a spacious apartment on Nevsky Prospekt, on its payment, and for household needs needed serious money. Recently, according to Kohala, in the stairwell are increasingly began to appear zakladki.

She said that on the day of death jusko went on a walk, came back three hours later. The rapper in the apartment was the office, where he was forbidden to enter without permission. There’s a wife and husband found dead, foaming at the mouth, blue face, no signs of life. According to Marina, on the table lay a syringe, which she immediately threw away.

On the day she died a neighbor of rapper Andy Cartwright heard the heart-rending children’s shout, which was not like ordinary mourning, rather a sudden tantrum, according to “KP”. A neighbor was going to call the police, but the screaming stopped. During the next four days, when the Marina was engaged in the dismemberment of her husband in the apartment was their two year old child. When police arrived, the first of the apartment brought the baby.

The source of “Fontanka” argues that the motive to kill her husband, Marina was not: jusko never hit her, she did not complain about it, neither the police nor friends. In the event of his death she did not receive rights to any serious property.

After the death of rapper Marina wrote on behalf of the social media posts. In particular, on page Andy Cartwright in Instagram on 26 July there was a post: “Summer is in full swing, beat the tattoo, send pictures PS.: it’s nice when the lyrics of your tracks literally go through the hands.”

Previously, on 30 July it was reported about initiation of criminal case under article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”). During the month, investigators must obtain the results of forensic medical examination which will establish the cause of death. If it was not a crime, that is drug overdose, then a decision is made about termination of the case in connection with absence of event of a crime.

The spouse of the deceased Marina kuhel were released without charges.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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