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The musician, the politician and the General producer of TV channel RTVI Sergei Shnurov, who arrived in Khabarovsk to make a film about passing in the protests, estimated the person acting Khabarovsk territory Governor Mikhail Degtyarev. His opinion of the acting head of the region, he told the radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

“Degtyarev in a very difficult situation right now. But I thought he was such a… human persistent — that’s what I can tell,” said Cords.

The musician noted that the new head of Khabarovsk territory has made a lot of mistakes at the arrival in the region, but emphasized that further policy actions will depend only on him.

Cords arrived in Khabarovsk on July 27 and came out to protest in support of arrested Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgala. However, he noted that his point of view about what is happening as yet. Later, the musician also spoke with Degtyaryov, who told him that from the moment of arrival in the region engaged in work with documents.

Inconsistent protest because of the arrest of the former Governor continued in the region for more than two weeks. In particular, local residents demand a public trial over Furgala, who is suspected of attempt at murder of the businessman Alexander Smolsky and ordering the murders of two businessmen Eugene dawns and Oleg Bulatov. Crimes were committed in 2004-2005 in the territory of the Khabarovsk territory and Amur region. Politician pleads not guilty.

Temporarily duties of the head of Khabarovsk Krai is performed by the former state Duma Deputy Degtyarev. Shortly after the appointment he said he would leave the region in case of an acquittal Furgala.

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