Degtyarev explained the reason for his appointment, the acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Krai


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Acting Governor of Khabarovsk territory has explained the reason for his appointment to the presidency. He told about it in interview to the General producer of TV channel RTVI Sergei Shnurova. A video posted on YouTube.

“I understand the logic of my appointment. I don’t know anyone: businesses, officials, law enforcement officers, of the organized crime. And that too, excuse me, the control here, as in any other region”, — said Degtyarev. In his opinion, it is this feature an advantage on this post.

The acting Governor explained that his task will be to control the spending of Federal funds. As one of the causes of low profitability of the region he called the shadow economy. “There are so many entrepreneurs who operate in the shadows. Related, including, and foreign companies, with China, for example. In the woods. There is generally a lot of problems, but the region is rich. The level of our revenues will be raised,” — he promised.

During the same interview, acting head of the region confessed that he accepted the offer of the Russian leader “per second”. “It’s the willingness to realize themselves, their abilities and managerial, and human,” he added.

39-year-old Degtyarev was appointed to a new position by presidential decree on 20 July. According to him, he came to the region with the aim to ensure the functioning of institutions and socio-economic development of the region. Its predecessor Sergey Furgal has been dismissed in connection with loss of trust, he was charged with two articles about the murder.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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