Disclosed insult the servants in the address of Meghan Markle before engagement to Prince Harry


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The servant from Kensington Palace insulted Meghan Markle because of the ornaments which she had worn before engagement to Prince Harry. Excerpts from the book “In search of freedom” about the life of a couple, written a secular chroniclers Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand and preparing to print, publish People.

The authors claim that in December 2016, in the early days of the novel Markle and Harry, paparazzi photographed the former actress in Canada. Then on her neck was a Golden pendant of the brand Maya Brenner cost $ 300 (21,5 thousand) with the initials “M” and “G”.

After the appearance of the frames in the media a Royal servant contacted Meghan Markle and stated that the selection of such jewelry only encourages the paparazzi to follow her, and then journalists come up with inappropriate titles.

According to Scobie and Duran, during a call, the future bride of the Prince chose to remain silent, however, after hanging up the phone, felt himself slighted. “Listen to the exhortation of the servant of a young man about what to wear and how to smile for the photographers — it was too much,” described in the book of emotions Markle.

After the incident in a personal conversation with her friend Meghan Markle admitted, the network was criticized for her scowling face, while she just tried to ignore the photographer. “What would Megan do, she felt cursed [the Palace],” concluded scorby and Durand.

Earlier it was reported that in the same book chroniclers have listed the unpleasant nicknames that came up with the relatives of Prince Harry and the servants to his lady. So, one of the senior members of the Royal family were called who played in the series “Force majeure” Markle “aktrisoi Harry,” and another stated that it “brought too much Luggage”, alluding to the fact that the American was already married.

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