In Britain told about the danger of a second wave of coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Javier Barbancho / Reuters

There is a danger that the UK could begin a second wave of coronavirus: this can happen due to the outbreak cases are reported in other European countries. This was stated by the Minister of health of UK, Matthew Hancock, in an interview with The Newsweek.

He felt it was unfair to criticize the governments that supposedly “overreacting” to reports of a new wave of infected coronavirus infection in European countries. “I’m concerned about the second wave. I think you can see that she starts to go through Europe, so we must do everything possible to prevent the flash from [British] banks,” said Hancock.

28 Jul Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said that European countries may face a second wave of coronavirus. He stressed that knowledge about what is happening should be the basis for decisive and effective action.

According to recent reports, the UK 303 thousand infected with a coronavirus. More than 46 thousand people died caused by COVID-19 complications.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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