In Russia double murder 40 times with a knife called self-defense


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Emin Jafarov / “Kommersant”

In Chita 40 fatal stabbing, which a local resident struck two men, called self-defense. This was announced by Telegram channel Mash.

Suspect in double murder Paul Tori — military, second-in-command of the platoon. He lived in a dormitory and were periodically fighting with the neighbors, but more often he supposedly took place a quarrel with a local resident Vyacheslav Gavrilov. On the day of the conflict, says Mash, he gave him the 26 stab wounds. At the same time there was a man Gavrilov Aleksandr Prokhorov, who “fell under the hot hand” — he received 14 stab wounds, the assailant “just smashed his head.”

The widow Elena Prokhorova said that the investigation lasted six months, and when the case went to court, they allegedly learned that it was changed, and Tori “is on the loose, under house arrest.” She argues that the Prosecutor (who speaks in court for the prosecution) pressure on witnesses in the courtroom, and Tori says that does not remember how to kill. As the mother Gavrilova, the defense insists that the dead Corowa threatened his wife with rape, but the woman wasn’t in place at the time of the attack. The witness to the murder said that the walls and floor of the room where the fight took place, was in the blood. Before that the assailant tore off all the wires and left the stairwell without light.

On 13 July the Prosecutor General’s office of Russia has approved the indictment in respect of three sisters Khachaturian, who killed his father. In December, 2019 Deputy Prosecutor General returned the case to the Investigation Committee with instructions to recast it due to the fact that the girls were in a state of necessary defense.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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